Reely Roulette

Slot machine test: reely roulette

In reely roulette two games come together that are adjacent in Las Vegas. On the one hand a slot on the other roulette. It combines the game by Leander games really skillfully both worlds, so that you can have not only double the fun, but also middles. How much Roulette, the game really should have share, you can determine by activating the checkbox. That will cost you of course more usage, can be worthwhile but really. On the left side, there are the normal box with the rollers where winning lines need to be made. At the same time there but also exactly a field on the rollers that replaced the Roulette ball so to speak and indicates which symbol has been in a round which number or color. So you can then before play bets on the roulette table on the right side and may twice win. Of course it needs some luck you win on both fronts. But if it should work then, you're a made man - at least almost -.

You go special blend of machine and roulette in the play CasinoEuro. Reely roulette free play, is possible here as well as the game for real money. However, it takes real bets that are possible only with a deposit as a registered customer for this. The free demo version is, however, also just so playable.

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Reely roulette online anything

In the slot reely roulette it comes to helping you make winning lines. New rotate the rollers so that the symbols are in new places in each round. If there is now a series of same symbols including, the by far left begins and includes at least three fields, then there is a line win that brings you profit. This is how much, depends the corresponding symbol, but also from the row length and stake multiplied by the value of the symbol. On the right side there are in reely roulette also a special field on the roller. The corresponding symbols that get rotated, then applies the roulette field. In total there are 30 paylines in reely roulette.

You can freely decide whether you want to play roulette field. If Yes, then you have to activate it. Then you can place bets on the various fields, that you think that she in a round are. You can, for example, to set that rotates a 9. The icon then actually in the box to the right of the rollers, you make a profit. A field is less likely, the resulting profit is higher. You could, for example, even safer play and only red and black set, but with smaller profit totals.

Slot game symbols in the reely roulette online slot

The symbols are clearly arranged according to the entire mechanism. There are precisely twelve symbols with corresponding numbers. Half of these symbols are red, the other black, what is field of importance only to the roulette. Downhill sequence of numbers from 1 to the 12th in between, there is still a game that promises the highest profits ever and is also available as a field on the roulette table.

Slot machines instructions by reely roulette

If you know both slot machines and roulette, then you may have here no problems. Of course you can reely roulette slot machine use just as normal slot machines, but then the peculiarity of the game would be lost. You want to play roulette, you need to create your bets before a new twist on the corresponding fields. Click on remove, if the inserts are to be deleted again.

Conclusion to the reely roulette test


unique slot reely roulette in any case, and whether you want to play it or not, could be a matter of taste. There is no, but it is for the combination with Roulette bonus features in itself. It has a special charm in fact hardly an other slot can offer. If it cannot be so double Casino fun, then a round reely is recommended roulette.